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Max Windich (Burney); Hannah Wilmshurst (Christy);
Cate Nunn (Falconer);
Ashley Hunt (Lowell)

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“ …What becomes apparent very quickly is just how smart this show is and also, fundamentally, how kind. Also it's very funny, and occasionally disgusting…But, brilliantly, where other shows would rest in that 'student flat in space' Goldilocks zone made of odd socks and terrible food choices, Oblivity burns instead for the high frontier… Oblivity is a fiercely good show. The cast are all top notch, the scripts crackle with absurdity, humor and action and the show has a unique energy that's just deeply, profoundly likable.”

- The Full Lid (Read the review in full.)

“The season finale to this raucous and touching science-fiction comedy showcases the peak of both the creators’ humor and their understanding of balance between the funny and the serious.”

- AV Club (Read the review in full)

“These characters and their dynamic is dysfunctional, but endearing, especially as they pull no punches in digging into who they are and who they can become. But they do all that with some very classic, hysterical, sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek humor.”

- audio dramatic (Read the review in full.)

“I can't recommend it enough. It's clever, it's surprising, it's performed with genuine energy and humanity and makes a solid case for its right to participate in the storied history of English space comedies and I can't wait to see where they take this next.”

- a full-length listener review on Stitcher (Read the review in full.)

“The pacing is beautiful, and I was on the edge of my seat for the entire finale, trying desperately to figure out what was going to happen.”

- The Podcast Dragon (Read the review in full.)

Our story

Welcome to Pluto. You are now on the periphery of our solar system, 3.67 billion miles from the sun - compared to Earth's paltry 93 million. Outside your research base, above pink-hued ice, the blue sky shivers with freezing gases, pierced by plummeting debris from the Kuiper belt. You are on the precipice of infinity, and you are very cold, and very alone.

Still; it beats a desk job, right?

It's the isolation of this downgraded demi-planet that drives Oblivity - an independently-produced, comedy-drama about a found family of flawed individuals, that just happens to be set quite far away from Earth.

The series was conceived by audio fiction fan Rob Stringer, who reached out to a few friends from the Oxford theatre scene, with a proposal for a podcast project. In 2018, an excerpt was piloted at a local Scratch Night (a test bed for new writing). The audience didn't throw stuff.

Over the next few months, stars aligned; tremendous actors were cast, and Joe Carr - a talented technical specialist in media production - fell from the sky. We launched in April 2019.

The freedom of independent podcasting means we've been able to move beyond some of the usual sitcom tropes and conventions prescribed for commercial audio-comedy, providing dramatic arcs and character growth for the four unwitting protagonists. If we are lucky enough to be able to fund a second series, we have lots more planned for the poor blighters.

Oblivity has been heaps of hard work, but also terrific fun, thanks to everyone involved who've given time and effort to make it the best it can possibly be.

So please, come in from the cold and the meteoroids, put a brew on, turn up the wireless, and enjoy the show.

Episodes: series one


Commander Falconer is looking forward to her new posting.

1. INCOMING (3 April)

A research crew meet their new Commander, and the base is completely safe from falling meteoroids.


Lowell is reunited with his cybersurgeon - who probably has no secret agenda. - while Christy takes part in Burney's new test.


When an explorer drops in, smitten Christy has to make a choice. Meanwhile, the team enjoy a quiet evening in with a board game.


Falconer proposes a visit to another research base purely to help Burney meet an associate - and certainly not to settle a score with her old rival.

5. DARK MATTER (1 May)

When Orpheus experiences a power cut due to apparent sabotage, not a single member of the crew could possibly be the culprit


Falconer undergoes a screening to determine if she is ready to return to service, while her team absolutely don't have a life-threatening crisis on their hands.